If you want;

  • The most powerful price/performance solution for PCB design
  • Shorter time-to-market for product designs
  • A powerful on-line component library
  • Automatic 3D back annotation for any changes
  • A smooth product development flow without data loss or distortion
  • To take design, manufacturing, cost and environmental considerations into account right from the beginning
  • The latest open CAD Solution with easy integration with MRP, ERP or PDM systems
  • Advanced design rule checks for right-first-time design
  • A scalable design solution that integrates with most industry-leading EDA software for total flexibility to design simple or complex PCBs

then let us introduce you to cadstar-iconADSTAR

cadstar-iconADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing an intuitive work flow, guiding the designers easily through their design process.

cadstar-iconADSTAR incorporates all the technologies necessary for a complete electronic development process in one environment.

Intuitive work flow

Throughout cadstar-iconADSTAR’s Schematic and PCB design editors, the menu items and options are all in the same location, giving an intuitive guide through the design process.

Fast design cycle

Zuken’s P.R.Editor XR HS (Place & Route High Speed) is at the heart of cadstar-iconADSTAR. With a ‘right-first-time’ approach, this powerful placement and routing tool is optimized for speed and accuracy, tackling today’s dense PCB design challenges with creativity and intelligent automation.
cadstar-iconADSTAR’s fully integrated 3D environment dramatically reduces the design time by using the proven technology from the verification and timing analysis engines in Zuken’s high-end solutions.

Migration preserves legacy data

Migrating from PADS or other tools to cadstar-iconADSTAR is simple. Users can move all the data over to cadstar-iconADSTAR from previous designs, re-using symbols, footprints and other supporting design data and benefit from the ability to re-work legacy designs.

Control is crucial in today’s electronic product development process. In the engineering phase of the design, cadstar-iconADSTAR helps to guarantee complex designs are right-first-time and meet tight delivery deadlines.

Schematic Design

cadstar-iconADSTAR’s schematic editor dramatically increasing productivity, building in the information required in the PCB design from the beginning to create single-sided to complex double-sided, multilayer and SMT designs that are right-first-time.