Designing High-Speed PCBs in a Connected World

The idea of a “low-speed” and “high-speed” divide is pretty dated – especially with the growth of Internet of things (IOT). We have to make sure all the diverse stuff on a PCB works in harmony.
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Changing PCB Tools when Something Better Comes Along – Part 2 of 2

This post is part 2 of 2 as we explore the process of changing PCB tools when something better comes along. Most often, three factors typically come to mind first when making the decision to change. In Part 1 I discussed issues pertaining to migrating design data when considering changing tools.
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Changing PCB Tools when Something Better Comes Along – Part 1 of 2

Perhaps you’ve been using your current PCB design tools for a few decades – or even a few years – and you think you’ve found a newer, faster tool suite. You complete the free evaluation and then think that perhaps it’s time to make a change.
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The Easiest Ways to Re-Use Design Data in eCADSTAR

I’m an engineer and I’ve been doing it a long time. Hardware, software – the real thing and writing about it.
I want to talk about various ways to re-use known-good work and adapting it to your needs. That gets results faster, but also more reliably.
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Cooler PCBs for a Cooler Planet

Wasted energy burns off as heat. That energy comes from a power plant or a battery. And worse, if energy burns off inside a building, air conditioning burns even more energy to keep workers and machines cool. Less waste heat usually means better products too. As we engineers know – the best designs are also the most efficient.
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An Introduction to Time Domain Reflectometers

The TDR has been around for a long time. It’s standard equipment for many engineers, including telecommunications and home broadband installers. The TDR analysis in eCADSTAR’s Signal Integrity Advanced creates results similar to a TDR with simulation.
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