Baart Industrial Group launch product configurator for Vortex VXT series speed reducers powered by CADENAS

Baart Industrial Group has released its new interactive 3D CAD product configurator for its Vortex VXT series in cooperation with CADENAS, making engineering data of speed reducers available for free download.
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VENTAFLEX significantly minimizes design time thanks to BIM CAD models & online configurator powered by CADENAS

VENTAFLEX publishes its new 3D BIM CAD product catalog with intelligent planning data of finished insulated air duct systems powered by CADENAS. Thanks to the improved customer service, engineers, architects & planners receive the required BIM CAD data within seconds.
Read more directly integrated into FreeCAD: Users benefit from millions of CAD models from manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS

2020-12-14 is now directly integrated into the new FreeCAD version 0.19. Users of the 3D open-source CAD software have free access to millions of 3D CAD models from over 2.500 manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS and can integrate the desired engineering data directly into their designs.
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