Electronic Product Catalog

If you are producing parts, wants to reach new customer segments, and wants to distribute your products electronically, the solution you need is eCATALOGsolutions.

eCATALOGsolutions is used to create, manage and market electronic product catalogs; Is a software solution created to open standard parts manufacturers and suppliers’ products to the world market.

How do you decide on a product?

The beginning stage is engineer. He decides for your product alone!


CADENAS’ electronic product catalogs are an ideal marketing tool for all parts manufacturers. Engineers looking for parts over the Internet can access the desired CAD format using the ported or CAD model smartphone application. With eCATALOG, you can reach your products with these users. Engineers who reach your products from this portal and applications use your product in their designs.

Will a 3D CAD Model be purchased after your download?


CADENAS’s Electronic Product Catalogs make all digital product information available for the relevant customer target volume. Surveys prove the success of electronic product catalogs; Approximately 87% of the CAD products were purchased after downloading over the internet.

CADENAS’s Electronic Product Catalogs are an ideal marketing tool for all parts manufacturers. With the eCATALOGsolutions package, attractive vertical market areas will be offered for free download of CAD product data. In this respect, effective communication will be ensured with the right target group of engineers and buyers.

CAD Catalog for WEB is published as DVD, App, PDF or Print


We publish 3D CAD product catalogs as you like!

The system with a modular structure connects to your landscape system and provides you with the ability to create product catalogs with different tools such as DVD, Download portal, App, PDF or print.

Intelligent CAD Models with Information

The geometry of a piece is not enough to make it alone. ECATALOGsolutions and CAD models with intelligent functions that go beyond simple geometry with electronic product cata- lysts. This allows engineers to pre-test the motion path in the CAD system.

With the electronic product catalog, your products can be presented as 3D CAD models in over 85 different file formats in up-to-date CAD systems such as CATIA®, Autodesk® Inventor®, SolidWorks®, Creo Parametric, NX ™, AutoCAD® or Solid Edge®. So you can meet your customers’ data requests in different CAD formats.

Customers and Industries

More than 600 parts manufacturers in many different industries have chosen CADENAS ‘eCATALOGsolutions product as a solution for their electronic CAD product catalogs.


Benefits of eCATALOGsolutions

  • High quality and intelligent 3D CAD models make it easy to deliver products
  • Simple configuration of complex products making it possible to increase sales revenues
  • Achieving over 7,000,000 potentials with a minimum effort in numerous vertical markets
  • Displaying products so that customers can easily understand
  • Easily create an electronic product catalog with an enterprise design
  • Download and use CAD data in a format that the customer desires (CATIA, NX, Solidworks, etc.)