PARTsolutions Intelligent Part Management System and Part Library Solution


PARTsolutions is the leading intelligent parts management system for finding and controlling standart parts throughout all departments of your company. The management  and use of similar or duplicate parts has proven to be very costly at many levels of engineering, purchasing, deployment, and maintenance. These unnecessary expenses can be eliminated with technology from PARTsolutions.

With PARTsolutions, you are able to automatically classify your company standard and reused parts based on your individual CAD files. The technology of automatic classification is new, with an international patent pending.. You can build up your own custom classification systems as well.

The PARTsolutions intelligent parts management system offers the ability to review information from different sources (digital library, PDM, ERP…) in one place. Select data can be brought together for efficient understanding and decision making.

Over 600 Catalogs with Standard and Supplier Parts

CADENAS ‘strategic parts management PARTsolutions provides direct access to 600 CAD catalogs approved by international main manufacturers.


PARTsolutions users can quickly reach parts and millions of pieces in the lists growing everyday. In the library in addition to DIN, ANSI, ISO, CSN GB, JIF, KS etc. norms there are also specific norms and parts for the firms. User selected parts can be integrated into the desired CAD systems (AutoCAD, ProEngineer, Inventor, NX, CATIA, SolidWorks, ThinkDesign, TopSolid,..). These libraries do not contain only 2D or 3D models, and all technical data related to the part are available to the designer in the library. You can transfer the intelligent 3D CAD models of the standard and supplied parts directly to the CAD system in the relevant format, thus speeding up the engineering process.

Ideal Database for your System

The standard part of Strategic Component Management and the supplier part library add detailed parts information to the library of database. These provides perfectly organized files showing the correct manufacturer and correct order number. In this way, unnecessary time spent searching for fragments takes off to a great extent.


Smart Search Methods for Components

CADENAS opens up totally new possibilities to engineers and purchasers for finding product information and CAD data of standart-, supplier- and self designed parts in an intelligent way.


CADENAS search functions are tailored to the needs of engineers and buyers in a special way and provide an intelligent way of finding the necessary parts through an intuitive process.

All Systems Open

Regardless of which CAD-PLM or ERP system you use at your company, CADENAS’s strategic part management PARTsolutions is open to all systems. Strategic Part Management combines all the related information of different systems on one platform.


All Important Languages ​​Are Available

With CADENAS PARTsolutions, international manufacturers’ standart and supplier parts catalogs are available in all important languages. In this way, strategic part management contributes to your company’s global business.

Benefits of PARTsolutions

  • 3D CAD models for engineers
  • Approved catalogs of over 600 manufacturers
  • Various industry standard catalogs (DIN, ISO, aerospace etc.)
  • Ability to add generated models directly to CAD software in its own format
  • Various Search Functions: Geometric Similarity Search, Draft Search, Full text search, Topology Search, etc.