Quanos SIS.one is a professional software solution that can be customized according to your company’s workflow, managing spare parts, service and product information.

  • It provides an effective solution for creating spare parts catalog, reducing your costs and increasing your productivity.
  • Your services can quickly reach the respective spare parts, exact position and correct service information.
  • The catalog update process is very short, you can update your catalogs without needing an extra consultation.
  • User-friendly interface does not require programming knowledge to make customizations.
  • Users can access the parts stock information within their authority and pass the correct order with the correct part number.
  • The ordering process is simplified and increases the sales of spare parts.
  • You can access your spare parts system and information here, from anywhere.

Instead of collecting the different data in various places under a single roof and manually processing these data, the necessary information is automatically updated to EPR, PLM, PDM, DMS, CMS, CRM, CAD, CAE, ECAD etc. Quanos SIS.one is the best solution for you to have a quick spare part catalog, easy to update, easy to operate by pulling from systems.

The spare parts catalog management application in electronic environment is based on the various methods of information technologies (Online-Intranet / Extranet, DVD, Paper) from one side to the arrangement of business processes according to company’s product structures (Design and Production Systems, Modeling) and organization position (center, service points) and flows, it is necessary to define customer expectations in the first step. This is best achieved through a meeting and possible workshop where customer expectations are viewed individually.