Today, many companies focused on production have put their confidence in SAP in planning and controlling production processes. With the PLM features integrated with SAP ERP, these companies enjoy the benefits of tighter manufacturing and development process integration. Without the need for an additional PDM system application, many typical features of product data management are available in SAP. The main advantage of the SAP solution is the seamless integration of all processes into a single system.

CENIT AG Systemhaus is one of the development partners of SAP AG for mCAD, CAE, eCAD integration.

What Are Your Earnings in SAP PLM Application?

All CAD projects that engineers have worked on are integrated into SAP at the same time. Even when you are in the design phase, your existing product network is ready in SAP. All departments related to this project can reach to this detention. Anyone interested in product development inside or outside the company can get instant access to all current product information. Suppliers or other departmental employees can access the 3D views of projects without the need for additional CAD licenses. Planning, procurement, etc. Processes run faster and more efficiently. By interfering with manual intervention on the product tree, inconsistencies that may occur in design and production documents are prevented.



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Data Migration to SAP Document Management System

An important task while implementing a new PLM system is the migration of existing data from the systems currently in use to the target system. This assures a seamless transition of the operation and data delivery without gaps in the new PLM system.

Indispensable prerequisite is the generation of a migration concept. CENIT recommends, to give support and assistance for this task. On a time-and material basis the following services can be offered:

  • Workshops to analize and document the current storage structure and the classification of the data to be migrated
  • Development of a migration concept that answers the following questions:
    • Which data has to be migrated?
    • Which method for migrating data is suitable?
    • Which attribute shall be mapped to SAP?
    • How ist the storyboard?
    • Which tasks have to be performed for migration?
    • Which efforts will be related to the data migration?