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The eCADSTAR autorouting engine can perform a variety of routing tasks, from fanouts and acid trap removal to total net completion. The autorouter will analyze the specified routing area and suggest an initial routing strategy.

Comprehensive routing strategies may be configured for specific target objects, layers, and tasks. Strategies are design neutral and can be saved and reused between designs and routing areas.

Routing Consultant

Your design and routing strategy can be optimized using suggestions from the routing consultant. The routing consultant analyses the specified routing area and strategy to produce a detailed and interactive routability report, with a simple severity index to indicate areas of concern. Each item may be expanded for a detailed explanation and suggested corrective measures, improvements may be made easily by cross probing directly from the consultant report to the exact object within the design.

Autorouter Result

The autorouter is error-free and obeys high-speed constraints that have been specified in the constraint browser and manufacturing rules such as pin exit and layer bias, from the Rule Editor. However, some freedom may be given to the autorouter for it to achieve your completion targets, with fully configurable costings.


Meet your electrical performance criteria by setting design constraints. Apply constraints to parts, pins, electrical nets (E-nets), differential pairs and other objects in the Constraint Browser.

Constraint Browser

Constraints may be set and modified in either Schematic or PCB Editor, and annotated forward or backward between designs, ensuring they are always in sync. You enter constraints in a clearly-presented object hierarchy, in clear tables. Define classes and groups to organize your design quickly, create differential or pin pairs and buses. Cross probe your selection between the canvas and constraint browser at a pin, part, net or E-net level, in both Schematic and PCB editor simultaneously.

You can constrain signals at E-net or Net level. These may be high-speed or more basic constraints. Improve your canvas visibility by applying constraint colors to specific objects, with additional visibility options such as shading between differential +/- pin pairs and E-net pin pairs. Constraints are reflected in features such as the routing balloon that displays measured values against constraints in real time.


With its highest performing routing tool, eCADSTAR offers specific functionality targeted for high-speed PCB design, such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and PCI Express, including min/max length, skew, delay and crosstalk limits to meet tight timing and noise margins.

Managing Constraints

Maybe you want to add constraints in the schematic, where you can see what the circuit is doing. Maybe you want to do that during PCB design – selecting items to constrain in physical layout or cross-probing from schematic. Whatever you prefer, eCADSTAR works with you. Constraint Browser is built into both the eCADSTAR Schematic Editor and PCB Editor and works just one way.


Set up standard topologies like “Fly-by” quickly and easily in eCADSTAR PCB Editor. Choose from a wide selection of built-in topology templates with instant visualization.

Length, Delay and Skew

With standards-based buses such as DDR4 and PCI Express, there’s no leeway to scatter vias amongst buses at random positions. Length-based constraints are often the best way to route them, keeping length differences (skew) very small or zero and absolute length within tight margins.

You can set constraints in terms of delay too. This works well if application notes express constraints like that, or if the path from source to load isn’t uniform.

Impedance Control

Single-ended and differential impedance control is fundamental to high-speed design.eCADSTAR automatically derives widths and spacings to meet your impedance constraints, but if you prefer, you can set those directly.


With documentation layers you can generate manufacturing information such as dimension lines, drill hole tables and scaled areas alongside your design content. With fully configurable export options, output only the layers you need.

Generate parts lists and pick-and-place reports using the built-in reporting tools. Using report templates, you can configure content and format too, including sorting, filters, sections, header/footer, and macro variables. Re-use your report templates between designs to integrate cleanly with your PLM system.

Import and export native, industry standard formats such as OBD++, IPC-2581, and IPC-D-356A, to produce manufacturing-ready data.

With Intelligent PDF Output, you can share as much or as little as you like, protecting the IP that makes you unique. Make detailed choices on format, layersphysical objects and areas of your design you want to share, and those you don’t. Bookmark components automatically for easier PDF interpretation. 

 has been designed to streamline your design process, with a common and familiar user interface across all applications. 

Work efficiently and consistently, with tabbed windows, dockable panels, ribbon menus and quick access toolbars All customizable, making the operations you use most frequently even more accessible. 


eCADSTAR is modular. Select the bundle that includes the features you require, Only pay for what you need. Contact us today with your requirements.